Not just a Meal but an Experience

We, at Calibachi, understand that food is the gas and nutrition the source, for our mind and body, however it’s more than that. It’s a time to reflect, enjoy friends, family, and congratulate yourself for a hard days work. A meal is an experience to be savored and not rushed. Let your mind go and taste buds flow. Experience a better brand of bachi.

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Make the meal the experience

When we go out to eat it’s a struggle to decide what we want to eat and with whom. At Calibachi we want each meal to be an experince that makes your taste buds dance and your day alittle better. The food you eat soothes the soul and your taste buds free your mind to relax and refuel.

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Ancient Grains

Ancient grains are a group of grains and pseudocereals (seeds that are consumed like grains) that have remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years.


"This cut of steak comes from the rib portion of the cow, and can be purchased with the rib bone attached, or the bone removed. Rib eye is both well marbled and tender, which makes it super flavorful. This is one of the most prized cuts of steak.." Sara


A lobster can best be described as a cross between crab and shrimp meat. Very tender a light and great with our sauces like the whipped garlic butter.


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Make it an experience and not just another meal. We’ll see you soon.